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Woman Angrily Sues Her Parents for Frivilously Spending Her College Money

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When a wealthy family member leaves behind money in their will for a specific purpose, specifically for kids, it can be tempting for the parents to use the money the way they see fit- especially if dealing with financial hardships.

One young woman tells her story in a forum about her parents squandering most of the college money her aunt left her for a wedding. She is now suing her parents and has caused a lot of drama and shame in her community- but she is angry and admits she doesn’t care. Is she being a jerk?

The Full Story

The story revolves around a great-aunt who recognized the importance of education for women despite it being undervalued in her culture. She set up savings accounts to fund the education of her female relatives, including the original poster (OP) of the story.

However, when the OP graduated from high school and went to take out some funds for college, she discovered that her parents had used most of the money for her brother’s wedding. They used most of her sister’s money too, but she got married and didn’t plan to go to college anyways. Thus, she reportedly didn’t care.

Unnecessary Debt

The OP was beside herself when she discovered her college inheritance was gone. Her parents kept telling her it was not a big deal, but she would be left with college debt that she shouldn’t have- and knew it was important for her career success (which none of her family cared about- for them, all she needed was a good man).

Additionally, she felt robbed of money that wasn’t her parents’ money to begin with. Her whole family made her feel like a total drama queen over it.

One supporter says, “Your parents didn’t borrow your money. They stole it. I hope you have all the documents to show that money was yours… If you have a chance to start life without student debt you do whatever you can to do that. Your parents, and I’m sorry but their culture, sound completely toxic. I’m glad you got out.”

She Decides to Sue Her Parents

Despite her family’s disapproval, the OP is suing her parents to retrieve the remaining funds and try to keep herself out of debt. Her brother offered to pay for her education if she dropped the lawsuit, but she insisted on a legally binding contract- which he seems hesitant to do.

Her brother got angry with her, telling her she was a jerk for not trusting her family to help pay for her college- which is ridiculous considering the history behind the whole thing.

She Has Every Right

According to the community, the author’s actions are entirely justified, as her great-aunt’s legacy was meant to fund her education, not her brother’s wedding.

One user rights, “A wedding is just a party. If you can afford a big one, good for you. But it’s still just an [eff]ing party. Unconscionable that OP’s parents would take the money for that over funding an education. Even worse that they weaseled their way into an account that wasn’t theirs. It’s grand theft.”

The fact that her parents used the money for an entirely different purpose is disrespectful to her great-aunt’s wishes and a betrayal of the OP’s trust.

Furthermore, education for women is essential, and the great-aunt’s efforts to fund it should be celebrated and continued. Thoughtlessly spending the OP’s funds completely undermines her great-aunt’s legacy and reinforces the harmful notion that education for women is less valuable than other expenses.

Get It, Girl

Overall, the community was proud of the woman’s actions. The story highlights old-school cultural beliefs that still limit women’s ability to get educated and forge their own life paths.

“I just want you to know that regardless of what your family is saying, your great-aunt would be very proud of you right now. You’re doing right by her and her memory here. I know it’s hard, but good for you for standing up for yourself. Accept no less than the full amount if you do agree to terms with your brother.” Says one supporter.

Another says, “You are the bada** your great-aunt was trying to forge with this money. I wish you luck.”

In conclusion, the author’s parents were in the wrong for using her great-aunt’s funds for a different purpose, and the OP’s actions to recover her funds are entirely justified. Hopefully, she can get it!


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