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Her Boyfriend Refuses to Take Her to Hospital Even Though She’s Pregnant and High Rick

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Pregnancy comes with a mix of emotions and feelings. It’s common for pregnant women, particularly first-time moms, to experience anxiety, discomfort, and even pain. For first-time mothers or high-risk pregnancies, this often requires a trip to their OB or the ER to ensure everything is alright. These worries should never be downplayed, as it’s always best to be safer than sorry.

In an online forum thread, a man is questioning whether he was in the wrong for not taking his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital when she felt unwell. Let’s dive into the backstory and see what the community thinks.

Her Pregnancy Backstory

The original poster (OP) is a 27-year-old man who is expecting his first baby with his 21-year-old girlfriend at the beginning of May.

The OP says the pregnancy has been chaotic, and his girlfriend is experiencing a lot of anxiety and discomfort. She has never been pregnant before. Plus, she is terrified of giving birth and has no family nearby.

According to the OP, they have been to the hospital three times since the beginning of her pregnancy for “emergencies.”

The OP is frustrated because he feels like his girlfriend is taking advantage of him just because she’s pregnant. He has to work, and they are understaffed, so he can’t drop everything every time she feels unwell. He told her that if she still didn’t feel good that night, they could go to the hospital to ensure everything was okay. She got upset with him and accused him of not taking her pain seriously. They argued, and the OP left for work.

When he got home, he asked if she was feeling better, but she wouldn’t tell him. She’s now withholding information about the pregnancy, and the OP feels like she’s being manipulative. Who’s being the jerk?

What the Community Thinks

Most of the community quickly agreed that the OP was being a jerk for not taking a pregnant woman’s concerns seriously. Then, more information was released to inform the community that his girlfriend had legitimate reasons to go to the hospital for two events (fainting and contractions). Plus, it turns out she’s a high-risk pregnancy.

With this extra info, the community lost it and let him have it for being a complete a**hole.

One user says, “For real, jesus. You made it seem like you take her every other day. Four times in seven months is completely reasonable! She’s scared and just wants to be sure the kid is ok! Good lord.

EDIT, see now that you said ALMOST four times. Three whole hospital visits for a first-time mother is just too much. You’re a wonder.”

Other writers had even harsher words, “She should leave you. She is due to give birth NEXT MONTH. If something goes wrong it could go very wrong, very fast. You might have left your co-workers shorthanded. She could have died of eclampsia or been in premature labor. You’re not the same.”

Better Safe Than Sorry ALWAYS

When it comes to pregnancy pains, it’s important for a woman to trust their gut and seek help when they need it to ensure everything is okay. Ignoring any concerns can lead to more serious problems that could have been avoided by speaking up earlier.

As a soon-to-be mom, it is the girlfriend’s job to advocate for herself and be aware of any changes in her body before, during, and after pregnancy. Her boyfriend was being a total jerk for blowing off her concerns, and she shouldn’t have taken no for an answer, as the consequences could have been dire.


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