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21 Things People Wish They Could’ve Said to Their Exes Before Parting Ways

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The conclusion of a romantic relationship often ushers in a turbulent and emotionally intense period. This phase is marked by a reservoir of unexpressed feelings and thoughts, creating a complex atmosphere. While some individuals find the courage to openly communicate their emotions to their former partners, others grapple with the challenge of identifying the opportune moment or summoning the resolve to do so. In the virtual space of community forums, people come together to share discussions about the unspoken sentiments they long to express to their ex-partners.

1. It Was Not Permission to Cheat Again

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Being cheated on can cause a lot of pain and disappointment. Thus, it’s not surprising that one broken-hearted user would say to their ex, “When you cheated on me and I said we could work through it, I meant it. It wasn’t me giving you permission to cheat again.”

2. Stop Calling My Mother

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When we love someone we try to maintain a good relationship with their family members. But what happens after a breakup? Usually, we quit the life of our ex’s family as well (or at least we try to avoid them for a while) to not cause more pain to our former partner by showing up at their doorstep or constantly calling them.

Unfortunately, it seems this is not so obvious for some people as one user wants to say to their ex, “Please stop calling my mother; it’s getting kind of weird.”

3. Come Get Your Bobby Pins

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“Please come get your bobby pins. They’re everywhere.” It must be frustrating to always find something that reminds us of our ex, but bobby pins?

4. I Hope I Haunt Your Dreams

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Sometimes, we wish our former partner suffered just as much as us, especially when things ended badly between them. So does this person who says, “I hope I haunt your dreams as much as you still haunt me.”

5. I Hope You Got Over Me

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After the end of a relationship, we might experience a variety of feelings, including regret. Maybe we regret why we treated our partner in a certain way, didn’t pay more attention to them, or even decided to leave them. One woman says, “I actually do regret the way I acted y’know, and I still feel bad about it. I hope you got over me and found someone who treats you a lot better than I did.”

6. I Will Never Consider You Again

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“You ran away to France because you hated your job and missed your mommy and expect me to wait for you? No f****g way man. Kansas City has at least six people in it, and I intend to go through them all before even considering you again.” This woman certainly has a lot of anger to deal with!

7. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

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“You can’t hurt me anymore.”

Getting out of an abusive relationship is harder than some can imagine. Therefore, saying these words must require a lot of courage from this user.

8. You’re Not a Bad Person

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“You’re not a bad person, but I am so glad we’re not a couple anymore. I have someone who treats me the way I deserve it now. And he makes me come first.” Probably, this is one of the best things that can happen to someone after breaking up with their partner.

9. I Hate You, I Love You

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Often, it’s hard to find the right words to describe how we feel. One user shares with the community his mixed feelings about their ex. “I hate you. I love you. I wish we never met. I miss you. I hope that everything’s going swimmingly for you, and that you’re on fire.”

10. My Mind Never Drifts To You

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Another user would say, “There’s not a day that passes by where my mind drifts to you.” Well, it seems it just happened right now.

11. Give Me Back My Pokemon Cards

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7 years after splitting up with her boyfriend, one woman is still mourning the loss of her precious Pokemon card collection: “Give me back my Pokemon cards. Please.”

12. Sorry For Being Stupid

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One man would like to apologize to his three ex-girlfriends by saying, “Sorry for being stupid.” According to other people’s comments, he is not the only one who needs to make an apology for doing and saying stupid things.

13. Why…?

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“Why?” is one of the most common questions people ask when someone breaks up with them. This is part of their process of self-reflection when they look for all their mistakes that could have contributed to the end of the relationship. For example, one woman would like to ask her previous partner: “What did I ever do that stopped being good enough for you? Why don’t you miss me? What changed?”

14. I Should Have Said “Yes”

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“You remember that night we were sitting on the couch, probably two years into our three-year relationship, and that ad about domestic abuse appeared on the TV? And then you said, slightly fearfully, ‘Am I abusive towards you?’. I said ‘no.’ I should have said ‘yes’.” This user must have gone through a lot during their relationship. Hopefully, she is doing much better by now.

15. I Used Your Clarinet to Unclog My Toilet

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Someone would confess to their former partner: “I used your clarinet to unclog my toilet.” – Wondering what they did to deserve this.

16. It Was for the Best

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Someone writes a common feeling with bitter sweet past relationships, “I loved you enough to let you go. I love you enough that I hope you find happiness elsewhere.”

17. Thank You

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One woman shares, “Thank you for being my best friend even for just a few short years. It was the f*****g best.”

18. You Hurt Me But It’s Okay

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Sometimes what doesn’t kill us makes as stronger (or so they say). Someone writes a common though when it comes to exes, “You destroyed me and I am better for it.”

19. Leave Me Alone

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It’s easy to stay connected via the internet these days. But one ex is sick of being tagged in his blog articles and social media for the last 6 years. She says to stop and get over it, please.

20. I’m Finally Over You

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One man admits that even the mention of his ex or a picture used to send him into a anxiety attack. He shares that he can finally look at a picture and feel nothing. A good sign that he’s moving on.

21. Give Me My Nintendo

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One ex share that they received a big box full of everything that was given to them during the relationship (well played). But it missed something much more valuable- their Nintendo DS.


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