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15 Things Only Dumb People Waste Their Money On

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Countless opportunities abound for parting with your hard-earned money, and among them, some might be deemed less than prudent. People delve into expenditures for a myriad of reasons—whether out of necessity, yielding to peer influence, seeking solace from stress, or even as a form of retail therapy.

Regardless of why you’re adding one more item to your cart or card and potentially contributing to your already cluttered home [and budget], certain things should be discarded from that mental shopping list.

A conversation starter in an online forum asked, “What do only dumb people pay for?”

1. Dietary Supplements

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There’s a frenzy to market dietary supplements, and individuals are consuming these capsules and pills at a concerning rate. Regrettably, most of these supplements lack regulation, leaving you uncertain about the dosage you’re ingesting or whether they benefit your health.

An online user says, ‘There is no regulation of the supplement market. It does not fall under the purview of the FDA.”

2. Detox Drinks

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The campaign to live healthily is wonderful, but some of the methods advertised to attain a toxin-free body are misguided.

Companies are selling detox water that’s supposed to flush all the toxins from your body. An online user thinks this may be the cleanest scam in the health sector today.

The best detox is good old water.

3. Top Fashion Items

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Some people chase labels and price tags when making purchases, even when they can’t afford it. Buying things that make us financially incapacitated is not wise and will drive you deeper into a financial mess.

An online conversation contributor says, “A relative who had to move in with her parents because she can’t support herself at 30 years old went, and then bought a $500 purse.”

Such a purchase is unnecessary and not very clever.

4. TV Subscriptions

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Some TVs come with cable subscriptions now, and not everyone is happy.

An online user says, “I’d rather pay $50 for three services with content I want on them than $50 for 200 channels I don’t want.”

That’s value for money. Also, with the corporate hours you need to put in, when do you ever watch the 200 channels?

5. Huge Weddings

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Weddings are now more showbiz than plain nuptials, and many people are falling into the trap of grand weddings that cost more than most people can pay comfortably.

One online user says that “unnecessarily huge weddings” are some of the dumb things people shouldn’t pay for.

6. Feng Shui

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Decorating your personal space is encouraged, and Feng Shui is one of the common house decorations. It makes your space look good, but it’s also supposed to align your energies and improve your moods. Is it necessary, though?

An online conversation contributor says, “If you spend money like water, no matter what colour you paint your entire house, you won’t become a millionaire. And yes, this includes Chinese zodiac statues all around the yard while you can’t even afford electricity and water.”

7. Acrylic Toe Nails

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Some consider a Pedicure essential, but why do we need fake nails on our toes? The feet may be hidden mainly in shoes half the day anyway.

8. Expensive Wines

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Getting a good wine is excellent, but it doesn’t have to cost the same as a house or apartment.

A user says, “Super expensive wine/champagne. I get not buying bottom-shelf stuff cuz it sucks but paying more than $20 for a bottle is pointless.”

Some people do love their wines, rich and exquisite.

9. Pyramid Schemes

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These and multi-level marketing are some of the worst financial mistakes people make, and much money gets wasted in these “investments.”

Someone says, “The people on top are the creators of the scheme and their friends though. Everyone under that makes little to no money. Basically, don’t become part of a pyramid scheme unless you are one of the creators.”

10. Newest Phone Model

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Phone companies ‘upgrade’ models and sell them at a premium when they only changed a few things on the older models, and people still clamor for it.

Someone says, “When people line up on the release day for the newest smartphone, that’s 90% the exact same as their current one.”

11. Enlargement Pills

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Many quacks prey on men, promising to provide pills to make their “members” a few inches longer. It’s unfortunate that some people believe them and get scammed.

A user says, “Imagine if these were real. They were guaranteed to add 3-5” to your member. These pills would cost hundreds if not thousands for one pill.”

12. Multi-level Marketing Schemes

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The reason multi-level marketing companies have survived this long is that people keep giving their money to them.

MLMs rely on people’s ignorance to keep selling dreams and vapor.

A user says, “You can be vulnerable without being stupid, but being stupid definitely makes you vulnerable.”

13. Lottery Tickets

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Gambling became sanitized and renamed the lottery, and an unbelievably high number of people are falling prey to it.

Someone says, “I bought my coworker $50 worth of different scratchers, and he didn’t win a thing lol.”

14. Modifications To Make Cars and Motorcycles Noisier

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Everyone has their idiosyncracies and preferences where their transport machines are concerned. However, making expensive modifications that reduce the machine’s efficiency and possibly add more to environmental pollution is not the smartest move.

Plus, they wake up every sleeping baby in a 1-mile radius.

15. Body Slimming Pills

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Weight is a heavy matter for most people, and many wish we could swallow a magic pill to melt all the visceral fat away. There’s no shortcut to losing weight, but many people sell lies in bottles to people struggling with body weight. Buying such pills is not only a waste of money, it’s also dumb and risky.

For the average person, consistent exercise and healthy eating are a much better place to start.


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