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Breastfeeding Mom’s Brother Ruthlessly Shames Her for Feeding in Public

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A new mom decided to join her brother and his family for a night out at a restaurant. As they were eating and chatting, her two-month-old son began to fuss and cry. Knowing he was hungry, the mom asked her mother for help covering up with a blanket and began to breastfeed her son.

What happened next came as a total shock to her.

As she was feeding her baby, her brother became angry and started to berate her for breastfeeding in public. He declared it “disgusting” and claimed that it was inappropriate to do it in front of other people who were eating.

The mom was devastated by her brother’s response and burst into tears. She promptly left the restaurant, and their relationship was never the same again.

The mom stands firm that she made the right decision.

The mom didn’t feel the need to defend herself from her brother and was heartbroken that he would be so mean. Not only is breastfeeding allowed in public spaces, but she also recognized her baby’s hungry cry and knew he needed milk asap.

She asked Reddit what was she supposed to do: Deny him “food” while everyone else ate food? It seems quite ridiculous when you think about it this way.

Most of the community was supportive.

The comments on the Reddit thread were mostly supportive of the mom, with many people criticizing the brother’s behavior. They argued that breastfeeding is completely natural (and necessary) and that her brother was totally out of line.

However, a small number of users also agreed with the brother and suggested that the mom should have pumped beforehand or found a private location to breastfeed. At a quick glance, all of the opposing comments appeared to be from men without children themselves.

Thus, these men were promptly berated in the comments about their lack of empathy and that they needed to stop thinking of breasts as objects.

Nursing in a Modern World

The incident highlights the ongoing debate around breastfeeding in public. While some people see it as a natural and beautiful act, others view it as inappropriate and offensive.

One Redditor explains the oxymoron of modern nursing perfectly in a world where skimpy clothing and certain restaurants with waitresses in tiny outfits (where families frequent); why is breastfeeding even still a problem for some people?

Ultimately, the mom’s story shows how deeply personal and emotional the decision to breastfeed in public can be and how it can sometimes lead to broken relationships and hurt feelings.

Read more about this thread here.

What do you think? Did the mom deserve to be shamed in public?

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