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This week Nicole Cunningham, a wonderful homeopathic doctor and mom, is sharing some of her mommy insight. She has some great thoughts about motherhood and simply doing our best to raise our children. You can expect to see more from her this month! You can also see what she’s all about at  

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When I first became a mom I thought that I would grow into it. I’m not sure where or when I attached myself to that idea but it gave me enormous levels of comfort.

Becoming a Mom: Take Comfort That You’re Not Alone

I remember thinking in the middle of the night when I was nursing my babies that I was part of a universal collective of momma crusaders who were up in the middle of the night with a child on their breast. This gave me great comfort, I didn’t feel alone and it stopped me from complaining about how exhausted and run down I was feeling all the time.

becoming a mom exhausted

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Does the Learning Curve as a Mom Ever End?

Now my girls are growing up, they are 9 and 12 and I am having a hard time feeling supported and that idea that I will grow into this thing is fading. The teenage years are fast approaching and that sense of collective consciousness is replaced by comparison and intellectualizing this phase of momma hood. I am sure it’s out there, it’s just not spoken or written about as much I suppose, I guess we are meant to just have a groove by now or have figured this out?

I’m definitely not there and so I am reaching within myself for greater levels of peace in the UNKNOWING. There is more parenting now that is not instinctual, when the girls were babies it felt primal and everything could be soothed and made better with a cuddle and being held. Now my 12 year old pulls away from my hugs and informed me this week I am only allowed to kiss her on the forehead and that it can’t be sloppy in any way.

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You Are Never Alone at Any Stage- Mama!

Ah… (sigh) this stage of parenting makes me feel so lost but I know I am not the only one going through this. This morning in a meditation I connected my consciousness expanding my energy to all the mommas who are struggling with teenage parenting and sent them love. I visualized wisdom, strength, connection and I breathed it in really deep. There is a collective consciousness in this stage of parenting too, it’s vibrational, it’s conversational, it’s everywhere. 

I looked out my bedroom window today from my townhouse onto the cars in the parking lot. I wondered how many women driving those cars are parenting and feeling lost and are waiting to ‘grow’ into this gig like I am. I know I’m not alone and I am bringing this consciousness into my days now. I don’t have to have it figured out or ‘sorted.’ 

mama collective consciousness

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Give and Receive Compassion for Other Mamas

I am going to give more gentle smiles to the mommas I see in the shops and in the parking lot. We are connected you know, all of us somehow, we are all doing our best, trying to learn, to grow and to not stuff it up. This makes us unified and this kind of collective consciousness is where I can draw strength…

How powerful is that?! How often do we as mamas judge others for their parenting choices when all we really need is some support and love? What can you today to show some support to your community of moms (local or worldwide)? It can be as a simple positive thought!  Becoming a mom is a roller coaster ride, cultivate a positive mama consciousness to enjoy the experience (up and downs) to the fullest!