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Enough Already- 21 Things People Are Sick of Being Told Constantly

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In the midst of our hyper-connected global society, a prevalent inclination among individuals is to swiftly express their thoughts and opinions, often without taking a moment to contemplate the potential repercussions of their words on others. What might appear as a novel perspective to one person often unravels as a familiar narrative to the listener. It’s probable that they’ve encountered the same viewpoint on numerous occasions, and with each iteration, a natural sense of fatigue begins to settle in.

On an online forum, people share the things they’re sick of people constantly telling them.

1. You’re too Short

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“I get that I’m short; you don’t need to constantly address it every 5 seconds.”One user says.

A user was told that he needed to eat more or exercise to grow taller. There’s a slight problem, though; he’s done growing. He says, “I’m 19, not 9. It’s not gonna work, buddy. I’m 4’11” for life.”

Height is not an attitude; it can’t be changed (easily).

2. Anxiety? Get Over It!

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An online user with anxiety says she keeps getting told to ” … just get over my anxiety or anxiety isn’t that bad.”

One adds, “This one pi***s me off the most. My parents didn’t think anxiety was bad. Until it put my dad in the ICU for a week. Now they take it seriously.”

Someone on the online platform added that being told there’s nothing to be anxious about adds guilt on top of the anxiety.

In such moments, silence is golden.

3. Aren’t You Too Young to Be Sick?

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An online platform user with a few health problems comments, “That I’m “too young” to have so many health problems/chronic illnesses/etc. Yeah, obviously.”

Another frustrated user adds, “I’ve been told I’m too young for my knees to hurt.” She’s 25.

Good advice; they’ll now remember not to choose to be sick.

4. Welcome to Yourself

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Most people seem tired of being reminded of their unique skin and hair color.

One online contributor keeps being told, “That I’m Ginger. (I) honestly hadn’t noticed before.”

Another user agrees, “Similarly, “you’re so pale.” No s**t, Sherlock, I know that. And no, I can’t tan, thanks for asking.”

5. Show Me Your ID

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A user bemoans being told, “That I look like a child, I’m over the legal drinking age in the US but have had two people think my ID is fake recently because I “looked 12″.”

Another contributor adds, “This happened to me with my husband. The hostess looked at him and asked if he wanted the child’s menu.”

A baby face may seem like a blessing, but not when you must be reminded daily that you look like you fell out of your crib.

6. Is That Really You?

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A user who recently lost weight says, “I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and have had people refuse to sell me smokes/beer because “that’s not you”.”

It’s me, alright, in a different geometrical shape.

7. You Should Get a Baby

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A childless user is tired of being told, “You’re being selfish if you don’t want kids.”

Another adds, “I’m sick of people telling me having kids will be the pinnacle of happiness in my life. Like, I’m glad you had kids and are happy, but don’t think I’m any less happy just because my wife and I don’t have kids.”

Have one or a couple, but only IF you want to.

8. It Could Be Worse

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People in less-than-ideal situations often don’t appreciate being reminded how bad it could get. One says, “When people find out I have type 1 diabetes: “At least it’s not cancer!”. Doesn’t make a living with it suck any less.”

Another agrees, saying, “So you can’t complain about anything because someone else has it worse. I hate this one. Like this isn’t a competition!”

Need a comeback phrase? Try this from another contributor, “Someone who drowns in 10ft of water is just as dead as the one who drowns in 100ft.”

9. Body-Shaming Phrases

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Some people will find fault in anyone’s physique and body structure.

One says he’s always told, “You need to lose weight.”

He replies, “Bro if you know I’m fat, I definitely know I am. I’m trying, so shut up.”

A user shared, “That I’m skinny. Go f*** right off. I’ve been skinny my whole life.”

Another user adds, “On the opposite side of the spectrum here. If I had a dollar for every “you should put some meat on your bones … I’d be rich.”

10. You Only Have One Family

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People with whom you share DNA can hurt you. Do you have to live with it?

An online user says she was told, “You only have one mother.”

She replied, “Thank goodness because she was f****g AWFUL.”

“Children don’t ask to be born, and children don’t ask to get hurt.” Another user says. Thankfully, as an adult, you can choose who you spend time with.

11. Dealing with the Silent Wedding Bells

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Some are exhausted from being asked, “When are you getting married?”

It’s not in the cards for everyone, Jessica.

12. Does Money Buy Happiness?

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“Money can’t buy happiness.” Almost everyone has heard this one, mostly from people with money.

A user says, “Overall, it is naive to believe that having more money wouldn’t make your life easier, which would give you more opportunities to do things you enjoy and, in turn, be happier.”

13. Life Gets Better

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“That statement means nothing to someone struggling with a mental breakdown.

A fellow Redditor says, “As a fellow human who also has these [negative] thoughts, I agree. Don’t tell me it gets better; show me how it gets better.”

Offer support instead.

14. Why Would You Do That To Yourself?

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People with bodily piercings and tattoos have had their fair share of questions and judgments.

One user comments, “I just want to live my life and do what I do. I don’t ask people inappropriate questions, but for some reason, so many people don’t grant me the same respect.”

15. Have You Tried This and That for Your Condition?

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“Have you tried Cheese?”

“Do you drink enough water?”

“Caffeine will help!”

Uses shared all sorts of recommended remedies for all possible things, especially for migraines.

Thank you, doctor, I don’t drink water, I just enjoy this headache too much.

16. You’ll be OK

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“I’m going through cancer treatment.” An online use says.

Sometimes, things just loom grim, and positivity isn’t appreciated.

How about wishing people all the best?

17. Smile a Little More

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One user was told, ““Smile, you look angry.”

“Well, I wasn’t; now I am.” She adds.

Another user remembered being told repeatedly that she’d be prettier if she smiled more often.

We’re not all smiling machines.

18. You’re So Quiet

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An online user keeps being told she’s too quiet. She asks, “How is a quiet person supposed to respond to that? I’ve gotten it all my life.”

Do you, we will adjust.

19. You’ll Get There

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A user shares, “”You just need a little more experience. Stick with it, you’ll get there someday.”

I’ve been stuck in what my industry considers an entry level job for 18 years, and every time I ask for advice on how to improve or advance out of this position, that’s all they ever say.”

20. Get Over It

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Sometimes, traumatic experiences leave a scar. Telling someone to get over it is not helpful and very insensitive.

21. Don’t Be So Sensitive

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Telling someone how much or little they should feel invalidates their expressions.


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