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15 Life Skills Every Child Deserves to Learn Before They Become Adults

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Education must transcend the role of a mere ritual in an individual’s life journey. While mastering mathematical concepts and deciphering the complexities of variables like X and Y are pivotal for academic success, they alone do not adequately prepare a child for the multifaceted challenges that life entails. Genuine education should empower individuals to navigate the demands of professional workplaces and the rigors of daily life.

As we navigate the complexities of adulthood, we require a broader skill set than simply knowing American history. Here are some essential life skills that children should be taught in school but often aren’t.

1. Basic Cooking Skills

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The number of people who can’t cook to save their lives is appalling. Many are used to take-out or ramen after moving away from their mother’s dinner tables, which is not very healthy eventually.

If schools offered some basic cooking skills, many adults would live more independent, fulfilling lives.

2. How to Survive Outdoors

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If students leave school and go in the woods today without food or Google Maps, chances are very high they won’t last very long.

Schools should teach children how to make fires, detect edible plants and berries, react in an emergency, and why tucking your pants in your socks is a great outdoors idea.

3. Mental Tenacity

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Recent years have seen many people fight mental health battles, and some have lost. Not many have the mental toughness needed to endure life’s rough patches.

If more mental awareness was taught and cultivated in schools, we’d grow up to be stable humans who can stay afloat and persevere despite life’s storms.

4. Financial Management

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Many people struggle financially, not because they don’t make enough money but because they don’t have the financial know-how to make their money work for them.

Lessons on budgeting, investing, saving, and living within your means would greatly benefit everyone.

5. Honesty

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The world today could do with a little more honesty, and this virtue should start in school, especially by not cheating in your exams to begin with.

Children love to get away with a lot and grow into adults who lie and cheat in and out of situations.

Maybe if this goes full circle, we will have honest politicians [for once.]

6. Basic Repairs

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Independent living means you don’t have to call the plumber whenever your shower head leaks, but we rarely find handy people.

It’s OK if you can’t build your front porch from scratch, but everyone should be able to change a bulb.

7. Basic Cleaning of Personal Space

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What’s the use of having a degree if you keep stepping over dirty socks on the stairs and sleeping in an unmade bed day-in-day-out.

While you can get paid help for some household chores, the ability to clean up after yourself should be ingrained right from kindergarten.

8. Caring For The Environment

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Anytime you see trash flying out of a moving car, you wonder, “Where did this one go to school?” This planet is keeping us alive, and we’re not doing a very good job of keeping it alive.

Schools need to emphasize the importance of caring for the environment. Environmentally harmful behavior such as littering, irresponsible disposal of non-biodegradable material, and cutting down trees should be discouraged. Thankfully, this awareness has been growing in some schools.

9. Building Relationships

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Social capital is one of the most significant human resources. Building relationships takes skills and time, and school is one of the best places to build this skill.

Having a tribe of your own will help you greatly in life, and there’s no better place to learn this than in school.

10. First Aid and Life-Saving Skills

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Knowing what to do in an emergency can save a life, and everyone should be equipped with the skills to save lives.

It’d be fantastic if basic first aid skills, such as the Heimlich maneuver, nosebleeding first aid, and epilepsy first aid, were taught in school. Often, only families with members prone to such emergencies know what to do in emergencies.

Nevertheless, something like choking can happen even to the best of us.

11. Negotiation Skills

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Life is one colossal negotiation; at any one time, you’re negotiating for something, whether you see it overtly or not. The art of convincing people isn’t just reserved for salespeople and lawyers.

The ability to express yourself and convince others [and yourself] is an invaluable skill. It should be taught in school.

12. How To Grow Crops

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Many children today think food comes from the grocery section in the supermarket. Ask them what a cabbage plant looks like, and they’ll be shocked that it is a plant.

While this may be a tad exaggerated, learning to grow something is an excellent skill. It teaches patience and helps them appreciate hard work and wait for things to mature.

13. Proper Nutrition

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Are peas proteins? Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables? Do we really need to drink 8 glasses of water daily? How long can I live on a lemonade diet?

These questions may seem trivial, even dumb, but knowing what proper nutrition looks like will help you take good care of yourself.

14. A Foreign Language

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Learning a foreign language gives you an advantage over anyone who’s not bilingual. A second or third language allows you to live in more places, interact with more people, and may even be your ticket to a dream job.

Many schools offer foreign languages, but they’re mostly optional, and not enough kids sign up.

15. Emotional Intelligence

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The ability to handle interpersonal relationships with empathy and wisdom is something we all need. Emotional intelligence is necessary, especially in leadership positions and family relationships.

Some people have better emotional intelligence than others, but it’s a skill that can and should be taught.


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