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16 Desperately Funny Ways People Have Avoided Awkward Social Interactions

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While human interaction can be enriching, there are occasions when certain individuals prove to be more exasperating than enjoyable. Regardless of your predisposition towards introversion, there are likely moments when you find solace in the company of fewer people, or perhaps none at all, prompting you to take significant measures to avoid such interactions.

People shared the most ridiculous or hilarious thing they’ve done to avoid a social interaction they didn’t want to be a part of.

1. Man Overboard

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Exes should be left right where they are, in the past. When one man saw his ex waiting for him at the pier, he decided he would not get himself into that “situationship” again.

“I once jumped off a boat ( within about 30 meters of the shore ) and swam to shore, then walked to a bus stop and boarded the bus and went home – completely soaking wet.”

Those actions spoke louder than any conversations he’d have had; I hope the ex heard it.

2. Voluntary Throwing Up

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History can be pretty boring, even for the brightest kids. What does your future life have to do with the Voyages of Colombus?

One online forum contributor found a creative way to escape his History class.

He says, “I learned how to puke on command without sticking my fingers down my throat. So at 9am, I puked on my teacher’s shoes to get out of history class.”

3. Detour

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One dog walker who didn’t want to have an awkward encounter was more than happy to take a longer route.

They say, “Today, I was walking my puppy, and I took a 2 block detour to avoid a roaming gang of old women.”

Gangs are dangerous, but a gang of old women sounds even more menacing.

4. Embarrass Your Way Out of Math Tutoring

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One student who didn’t want to go for their math tutoring devised a clever way to get out of it.

He says, “I went to a friend earlier that day I got myself so drunk my mom was too embarrassed for me to go to the tutoring.”

Not so clever now, when you think about it.

5. Fake Dog Poop Scenario

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Dog poop is gross and can’t be helpful to anyone unless you want to get out of an awkward situation.

To escape an awkward situation, an online user said, “I must have stepped in puppy poop and needed to leave.”

6. Fake Phone Call

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Who’s not guilty of faking a phone call to leave a place you no longer want to be? This must be the oldest trick in the book to get out of awry-going dates and conversations with your mother-in-law.

It’ll be a different story if that phone rings when it’s still on your ear.

7. Modern Tower Of Babel

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Another fool-proof trick to cut yourself out of an encounter is to create an imaginary language barrier. If the conversation is going in a direction you aren’t comfortable with, feign a lack of understanding of all communication.

Start speaking Mandarin if you have to.

8. Silent Treatment

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Conversation is two-way traffic, and the easier way to get out of one is to block the traffic from your end. Many people resort to one-word answers or no answer at all.

If the conversationalist is intelligent, they’ll get the hint.

9. Making a Commotion

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Creating a distraction is a clever way to escape an awkward social interaction. Some people purposefully drop an object, especially one that will make a loud noise, and make a hasty exit before everyone gathers themselves back to calmness.

10. Mail the Discomfort Back to Sender

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For some, when the discomfort gets too much, others choose to make the other party uncomfortable by offering random compliments excessively or exaggeratedly to create a sense of unease and end the conversation.

It’ll be like it’s not your fault the interaction ended. Win-win.

11. Feign Slight Mental Disorientation

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No one wants to engage in a chat with someone who’s clearly mentally distracted. In a bid to extract themselves from an unpleasant interaction, some pretend to mumble or talk to themselves.

If you create an impression that you’re preoccupied and not open to conversation, the other party will let you be. That is, if they won’t think you’re having a stroke and call you an ambulance.

12. Get Busy Elsewhere

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Pretending to be busy with something else will automatically get you out of a sticky situation. If the interaction takes a direction you don’t feel comfortable, some people will take out a book or start fiddling with their phones.

Only a fool will want to keep talking to a disinterested party.

13. Liar, Liar

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The jury is still out on whether lying to get out of trouble is bad.

One online user decided that lying to get out of her graduation ceremony was the way to go. Unknown to them, she graduated a year earlier and planned to act shocked with everyone else when the news that graduation had already happened arrived.

14. Go Bonkers

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If all else fails, start acting crazy. It may or may not work, but one user says their way out of an awkward situation is to “Start screaming like crazy.”

We’ll come to visit you at the Looney Bin if things go sideways.

15. Ask an Odd Question

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Ask a question that comes out of nowhere and will throw them off guard. For example, “If you could be a dog, what breed would you choose?” Their silent confusion may give you a moment to excuse yourself.

16. Lost and Found

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One mom shares that she put her 1 year old’s shoe in her pocket so she could say she needs to go back and look for the other.


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