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From Funny to Direct: 12 Ways Parents Have Chosen to Tell Their Young Kids Where Babies Come From

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In the journey of parenthood, there comes a pivotal moment when children naturally become curious about the origins of babies. It’s a significant milestone that frequently catches parents off guard. When this inevitable moment arrives, you find yourself facing the delicate task of providing an honest response while carefully assessing the appropriate level of detail to share.

How much detail you give is dependent on the baby’s age. Parents shared what to say to 5-year-olds when asked where babies come from.

1. From Inside Mommy’s Belly, More Details Later

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A version of the truth was this parent’s go-to answer.

They share, “I said babies come from inside Mommy’s belly. I said how babies get there is kind of hard to understand, but you don’t have to worry about a baby growing in your belly, and we’ll talk more about it when you’re older.”

2. Daddy Helped

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Another online forum contributor also says she told her baby she came from mommy’s tummy. The kid needed a little more information on how they got there.

“Daddy puts them there.” She answered.

That’s the final answer. Until next time.

3. We Bought You Online

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One user said, “[We] told her we bought her online and got screwed because we ordered a boy. She couldn’t read yet, so it was easier to show her the bad review we left on eBay.”

She was mortified, as would be expected. They tried salvaging the situation with a little dose of how Mom and Dad were involved. Oops, maybe wait until the child knows what a joke is.

4. Go scientific

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If your kid is a little like Sheldon, the genius kid, you can try a little science.

One commenter says, “Genetic splicing. Babies come from the fusion of two specific cells, which become one cell. That one cell then multiplies and diversifies to become all the other kinds of cells that make up the human body.”

They’ll probably be too confused to make follow-up questions.

5. Umm… Get Mom

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The best way to buy time to think is to ask the kid to get your partner in crime.

One user says they said, “Go get your mom and let’s talk about this together.”

Mom knows best.

6. It’s Complicated

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Kids don’t give you a heads-up before asking these questions. One user shares, “I was asked this by a 4-year-old at a learning pod, and I just said “that’s complicated. You’ll learn later”. [I] was caught off guard and just couldn’t think of anything witty.”

“Later” comes faster than you think.

7. As An Egg is to Chicken …

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“You know how baby chickens come from eggs with their protective shell; human eggs don’t have a hard protective shell. So we grow them inside before we birth a baby.” One contributor shared.

That’s pretty smart, relating it to something they already know. Later, you can devise creative ways to explain the chicken laying eggs part.

8. From the Supermarket

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One user says to tell them that babies are bought from Walmart. We get everything else from there, don’t we? Why not babies?

You might need to stay off Walmart for at least five years after this to avoid being asked for the exact aisle.

9. After Special Adult Time

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One online commenter says if a child is old enough to ask, then they’re old enough to be told the truth.

They add, “Babies come from mommy’s belly when mommy and daddy have special adult time that I’ll tell you about when you’re older.”

10. Combined Love

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Another person says to talk about the love shared between Mom and Dad.

“When a mommy and daddy love each other very much, sometimes, they might decide to combine their love together to make a little bundle of joy.”

11. Brutal Honesty

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One user thinks there’s no need to mask the truth and traumatize the child later in life.

“I would probably just tell them the truth. No need to make up a lie about it and then let them be traumatized by reality later on. I say the second they’re aware enough to ask questions is the very same second they’re old enough to learn the truth. Sure, I’ll dumb it down for them. I’ll make sure it’s at a level they can understand, but there is no reason to make up fairy tales about the baby stork.”

That sounds about right.

As another one said, “Kids aren’t stupid, and they deserve some respect.”

12. Creative Analogies

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Who says you can’t sugar coat the truth now without making up a total lie? Explaining how flowers are pollinated is a great science discussions that’ll help kids start to wrap their heads around reproduction. Hopefully it won’t backfire when your child asks how daddy pollinates his flower.


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